Edinburgh Uni 2 vs Edinburgh City 1 vs Glasgow 2 – Sunday 20th January 2013

Edinburgh City 1 [14] vs Edinburgh Uni 2 [3]

Coming into a match against the ever-strong Edinburgh City first team, Edinburgh Uni 2s a.k.a Dynamos, had trained hard and were determined to make a game of it. The team played with incredible spirit with every player playing at the top of their game, keeping the scores level in the early stages. A textbook running in shot from captain Jill and a long shot from birthday boy Jamie levelled the game at 2-2. Following this City planted a number of long shots and started to pull away. Dynamos made it difficult for City to get into their groove, with fantastic teamwork in defence from everyone, and some smooth switches between Fern and Jill restricting City’s attack to long shots. Into the second half Jen replaced Kitty, who put in another solid performance, and the Dynamos grabbed a third goal with a runner from Jen. The defence stayed ever resilient, leaving City’s attack with 14 goals. Every player deserves a mention for their performance, but the level of teamwork particularly in defence in this game was fantastic.

Team: Paul, Jamie, Kitty (->Jen), Jem, Owen, Max, Fern, Jill.

Edinburgh Uni 2 [5] vs Glasgow 2 [4]

Buoyed by the performance in the City game, Dynamos were determined to get a win against Glasgow 2. A penalty from Jem in the first minute got the game off to a great start. Glasgow levelled the game with a long shot. A close range veer and a long shot from Jen gave Dynamos the lead again and despite a spirited performance from Glasgow, Dynamos were able to hold on to the lead with long shots from Owen and Max added to the account. A number of painfully close shots, notably from Judy and Owen, a disallowed penalty from Jem, and several free passes from Paul that would just not drop, meant the lead could not quite be extended. But it was another high-spirited performance and a win for the Dynamos!

Team: Paul, Jamie, Jem (->Fern), Jen, Owen, Max, Judy, Jill (->Kitty)

Bring on EIKT!