Training Times

Korfball is a great sport for anyone and everyone; whether you have played Korfball before or not we would love for you to pop along to a session. All levels of ability are welcome, there will be lots of opportunity to progress and develop as a new player in our Third team and Club trainings.


We’re having a taster session in St Leonard’s Land Games Hall (on Holyrood Road) on September 16th, 1.30pm-3.30pm, which is the Saturday of Freshers’ week.  There we’ll give a quick demo of korfball, go over the basic skills and get you all playing games as soon as possible.

And there will probably be free food afterwards!

If you can’t make the session, don’t worry, drop us a message via or join our Facebook group.

For the rest of the year, the ‘Team’ sessions will work on specific skills and gameplay for that ability level, with the ‘Club’ training open to all club members for more of a gametime and general skills focus.  Club training is also followed by a trip to our sponsor pub for free food and long lasting merriment every week!



Morning sessions are early, yes, but we go for breakfast afterward and sit in a local cafe until we feel like humans again. please come. please.