BUCS & Other Tournaments

BUCS – British Universities and Colleges Sport- a very prestigious tournament!  We compete by attending a preliminary round in late November with the other Scottish teams, the top five of whom progress to regionals in January which comprises the clubs north of Manchester.  After that the participants get filed into three tiers for Finals in March, our teams travel to all corners of the UK to compete.

Yeah I know what you’re wondering:  how do we get on?

Rather well actually!  Our first team consistently comes top of preliminaries and regionals  – this year in clean sweeps – and our seconds are currently the top ranked second team in our region and give a lot of the first teams a good run for their money!

But that’s not all we get up to, oh no, we also enter lots of other tournaments hosted by our fellow clubs.  A few we’ve graced in the past:

Lancaster Beginners’ Tournament, Nottingham Beginners’ Tournament, Edinburgh City Beginners’ Tournament, Mavs Mania (Edinburgh Mavericks), Storm in a Teacup (Northern Storm), The Beach / Astroturf Tournament (Saint Andrews & Dundee), Atilla (ESKV, Netherlands)

And then there’s the crown jewel, our own Edinburgh International Korfball Tournament!