Seconds vs Thirds vs Dundee – Sunday 25th November 2012

EUKC II vs Dundee – 3-3

The first match report shall be delivered in the form of limerick.
The Second team started their mission
Focussing on their precision
First goal from Dundee
Then one from me
Then we all changed divisions

Then things began to get slow
For the team now called ‘Dynamo’
One goal from Will
Dundee shoot to kill
The score is 2-2, toe-to-toe

Next swap and we’re in attack
Time for the twos to fight back
One goal from Jen
Then one to them
Now it’s 3 each, pressure stacks

The attack was beginning to show
That stamina was running low
Defending was great
Dundee were irate
And thus there were no more goals

And wouldn’t it just be a pity
If we didn’t mention one Kitty
Who fed like a star
From near or from far
Like an ex-pro from Ed City

Of course, everyone else was great
We left their attack in a state
They shot, no collect
It had no effect
To which I can relate…

And so all the Twos could see
Our shooting’s not what it could be
So we’ll go through some drills
To give us the skills
So we can score goals easily

And thus the game ended 3-3
A valiant effort from Dundee
Although it was a draw
I liked what I saw
And plus, I got MVP

I can’t keep that up for 3 whole matches, so I’ll return to prose.

Dundee vs EUKC III – 10-0

Having just faced the Seconds, Dundee took to the court again to take on the Edinburgh Uni Third team. Dundee, having come on leaps and bounds since last year, when they featured in the league as a development team, scored a quick pair of runners on the unsuspecting Thirds. Defense picked up quickly, and Dundee’s chances at goal noticeably diminished throughout the course of the game, with most of the goals being a result of minor slip-ups in defending.

Attacking from the Thirds showed great promise for the fledgling team – with notable shots coming from the likes of Jon Vundum and Graham Campbell (who took a fair beating on court at the hands of his defender, ending up floored several times, but each time standing straight back up and soldiering on – what a guy) – although unfortunately no shots managed to drop through the korf.

The match ended 10-0 to the Dundonian side, although this score poorly reflects the performance of the Third team – with a little more practice at shooting and refining of their defensive technique, they will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with.


The third and final game of the day was the grudge match between the two Edinburgh Uni teams. The game started with two quick goals from the Seconds within minutes of the starting whistle, the first coming from none other than home-grown talent Paul Shields, scoring a cheeky drop-off shot, followed shortly by Austrian wonder Anna Ruhs scoring the longest-ranged running-in shot in korfball history, leading to a swapping in divisions.

The next set of attacks yielded two more goals for the Seconds – the newly christened ‘EUKC Dynamo’ – the first coming from Jem Horsley-Downie, with a short range shot. Following half time, Jem was subbed for Jen Merritt, who scored an impressive shot within minutes of coming onto the court, bringing the score to a solid 4-0 to the Seconds.

The final attacks of the match saw a strong attack from the Seconds, with Fern Sinclair having been subbed on for Kitty Dutton, bringing a different dynamic to the attack. After several shots defended brilliantly by Third team Italian import Jacopo Rasmi – from whom the Third team got their name ‘Jac Attack’ – Paul Shields landed yet another drop-off shot (his third of the day), bringing the score to 5-0 to Dynamo. The pressure was mounting on the Thirds, as their coaches watched from the sidelines – EUKC 1st team players Rosy Nolan and Ella Paul. “What a goal!” said Paul, following the match, “Those drop-offs were – simply put – amazing!”

But perhaps the most impressive play of the day came from none other than Jon Vundum, with his brilliant method of running the block (or, as he called it, “reading the book”) by running in circles round and round the feed. Rapturous applause followed, though the eventual shot missed.

The game ended with a 5-0 victory to the Seconds, though the team was aware of their shortcomings once again, particularly in attack. Great performances were seen all round, especially in the Third team’s defending; the team denied Dynamo several opportunities at scoring and consistently made getting the shots difficult for them. All-in-all a great day for both Edinburgh teams and the Dundee side, with lots of impressive korf being played, and a lot to build on for future games.


By Paul Shields