Handy Links

The official rules of Korfball provided by the International Korfball Federation (IKF).

Considered an appendix to the Rules of Korfball and contains the approved signals for use by referees during a match. Includes some fantastic photos so you can practice in your own time at home.

EUKC/EUSU Resources

Our constitution basically outlines what the club is, and the way in which it should be run. It also describes the various positions within the committee, just in case you were wondering what we each get up to!

Documents provided by Edinburgh University Sports Union (EUSU). Also included is an accident report form.

Luckily, the game of Korfball is considered a relatively safe sport. However, we still have a ‘Health and Safety Policy’ should you like to read it!

An explanation of the Blues award – awarded to club members who have dedicated their time to the highest level of play.

SKA Resources