Northern Storm Friendly

Saturday the 11th of January saw Edinburgh University’s second team raring to go with a trip down to Newcastle to face newcomers to the korfball scene, Northern Storm. Storm 1 were scheduled first and from the offset it was clear just how tight this game would become. Kyle Crombie, a former Ed Uni player, succeeded in slipping one past Uni defence to put Storm in front. He went on to secure another korf, putting Edinburgh on the back foot. Owen Shea managed to pull one back before half time bringing the score up to 2-1. Other highlights from the first half included Jill’s victorious show of skill and talent with a blam, sweeping the ball away from her opposing player.

An inspirational team talk from Second team captain, Mike Garbutt, spurred Uni players into action, with Edinburgh proving the more dominant team in the second half. An impressive array of close shots were put up by Uni but failed to hit the mark for the important equaliser that they so desperately seeked. As the match drew to a close, Edinburgh Uni’s defence stepped up a notch in an attempt to get the ball back into the attacking half to equalise the game. However, Storm held good possession in attack. An intercept at the half way line in the dying seconds of the game by Graham Campbell allowed a quick pass to a waiting Owen Shea under the korf. This was all he needed to score his second korf of the day just before the whistle blew for full time. A two all draw marks a promising start for Edinburgh University in the New Year.

Now warmed up, ready for action and safe in the knowledge that “the korfs really were that high before Christmas” Edinburgh set up to take on Storm 2. Gameplay flowed well and the experience of the Uni players showed with numerous shots taken and a great percentage adding to the score. A minor lapse in concentration saw Storm 2 enter the scoring sheet but was not enough to deter University from further scoring to obtain a more dominant position. John Bagnoll announced his retirement from the dutch sport mid-match after a golden half way shot which further strengthened Uni’s lead. EUKC wishes John the best of luck in any other future sports he embarks. Solid defending from Edinburgh along with strong attacking play meant that the Newcastle team were the ones feeling the Storm with goals from Mike, John, Owen, Jill, Joanna, Graham and Jem. The final score of 8-1 was a promising victory for Edinburgh University as well as allowing good game time and experience for the players of Northern Storm.

Special thanks should also be said to all the people of Northern Storm, most especially Lee, for their hospitality and we look forward to meeting them again at the EIKT later this month.