1st Team Match Report – 29 September 2012, Mavs and Ed Uni 2

Ed Uni 1 vs Mavs (9-5)

Nerves were high as Ed Uni 1 started their first game of the season with a team composed mostly of people that had never played for the firsts before. Mavs arrived in full force including their new recent signing, Scotland international player Sarah McKeand. The team got off to a rocky start with many a missed shot from Kyle Crombie who popped in between his trips round the world. However, with the nerves shaken off they got down to it, Ella got the team off the mark with the first goal of the season and then they started flooding in with 3 from both Jean and Kyle and one from Maltby and Will leading to their first victory of the season with a 9-5 win.

Ed Uni 1 vs Ed Uni 2 (10-4)

This is always an exciting game with old teammates paired off against each other and tension could be felt by all. However, a composed 1st team managed to work together and Nitin got his scorecard off the mark with 4 impressive goals. Rosy also got off the mark with 2 goals. Fern remembered what Korfball was after swanning off to America for a year and managed to get one and there was also a goal for Will, Max and Maltby leading to a comfortable 10-4 victory.

Report by Helena Corner.