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At Edinburgh University Korfball club we currently have 3 teams who play in the Scottish league and the university BUCS competition.


Firsts – The Huskies


La crème de la crème –  a force to be reckoned within the Scottish first division, as well as at BUCS where they dominated the preliminary and regional rounds with clean sweeps, and placed 8th at the final Championships in Norwich.

Thanks to Steve and John from the Edinburgh Mavericks for their kick-ass coaching throughout the year!


Seconds – The Pandas

Pandas picture

Keeping all the other clubs on their toes in the SKL’s second division, the Pandas were the highest placed second team at BUCS preliminaries and regionals, even beating first teams!  The icing on the cake however, came at the final Trophy round, where they stormed through their matches, only losing one the entire weekend and taking the Bronze medal in a third place playoff where they screamed ahead of the opposition.  And to top it all off, the tournament MVP as chosen by the referees went to our own Gavin Legg.

Thanks to Michael , Thijs, and John (1sts/Edinburgh City) for their coaching.


Thirds – The Peach Schnapps

Peaches picture

Peachy by name and peachy by nature – the schnapps also grace the SKL’s second division with their presence.  Mainly made up of beginners, a year brings the thirds up from never having touched a korfball before to being a lean mean korfing machine.  This year the Peaches beat back regular qualifiers to get into the BUCS regional round, and showed the rest of the korf world what they’re made of at the final Shield round in Manchester.

Props again to Angus, Anna and John of the firsts/Edinburgh City for coaching the Peaches!