Club Training

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Club Trainings can be the best trainings of all, with a bit of invention, revision and preparation. Essentially, we’re looking at a FUN session, with lots of EXERCISE and KORFBALL. Some work on basic skills (shooting, passing etc.) can be useful, but beware that everyone’s on such different levels it may be counter-productive, and much less fun.

A little bit of competition goes a long way, especially in sessions earlier on in the year. Having people in teams as they do activities creates a good feeling in training. It doesn’t matter what prizes people are fighting for, it’ll be fun.

At the start of the year, it’s standard to do the basics, so Freshers can understand the game as quickly as possible. Force Oldies to be there – they most likely will want to anyway. Then, as people master the basics, you can start to be fun and inventive.

Mini-tournaments have worked very well this year, and the Mini-tournament sceptre is a prize treasured above all others. Give people at least a week’s notice of a mini-tournament, and watch as the teams are created and fancy dress is donned. Maybe prizes for best outfits etc could be a good addition? Make sure, though, that everyone gets involved. When people create teams, people can get left out quite quickly. A Mini-tournament where teams are picked randomly could be good.

Try to advertise fun sessions, let the club know what’s coming, and people may get excited from having done it before. In the DSMG section, there’ll be Club Training ideas, from Korf-Circuits to the Korf-Trading Post Game.

Be Inventive! Take something you know (eg. Circuits) and force Korfball into it – that’s where the fun sessions come from. Just make sure, however, that it’ll work. Get another coach to check it over, or run it through in your head thinking of what potential problems there are.

Remember, if something makes sense to you, there’s about a million ways someone else could understand it.