3rds & 4ths

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Though there’s been a tendency for a fair few oldies in the 3rds/4ths, you will be predominantly dealing with Korf newbies, so just remember that they will be completely clueless when you start.

Getting the basics right is probably the toughest coaching job, as it requires doing the same things repeatedly, but keeping sessions still fun and interesting. Not easy. Do remember though that it’s essential for the progression of players to get these basics down, and be pedantic!

In recent years, the 3rds/4ths have become a very tight group, which is fantastic. Developing that bond, while also making sure the newbies and oldies all integrate, is important, and is what will lead to “fresher-retention” and motivation for trainings/extra fitness trainings etc.! So be welcoming (obviously) and try and encourage a few socials to supplement the club ones. When people have a friend to go with, they come to training more often.

You’ll have a lot of people, so make sure you make the most of your fellow coaches, and try to make sure that people aren’t spending too much time with nothing to do. Throw them straight in to get a feel of things before you do too much explaining/demonstrating. It’s more fun, and often more useful.

Suggested Curriculum