2nds Curriculum

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Let’s face it, it’s quite possible that the Seconds will still need coaching in the basics. But hopefully, as the years go on, they’ll start coming up with more and more of the basics sorted. But without a doubt, good collects, passing shooting and defence are essential. If these aren’t already sorted, get them done in First semester.

New things to be focusing on: Movement and Adventurous Passing, esp. in 3-1; Defence in detail; Walking the Block when ball is won in Collect; Situational Play. Also, with an eye to Nationals, a few moves and tactics will help (see “Tactics for Nationals”).

Movement and Passing

• The ability to drop off the back of an opponent and receive the ball over the top into space is an essential part of higher-level korfball. A good front defence will block the direct passes along ball lines, and too often players ignore the acres of space behind their player. Get their passing confidence and movement intelligence up and it’ll pay dividends.

• In 3-1, don’t let the 3 players out front fall into “The Three Amigos”, where they are positioned in a straight line out front. A more arrowhead formation means there are options; use the space at the sides to keep the ball moving.

• In 3-1, drill it into them to look to shoot whenever they receive the ball. Be pedantic and make it a pure reflex. IT’S ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS YOU CAN DO.

Defence in detail

• In Front D, make sure that when they’re marking an incoming feed, they don’t follow the player around the post/collect, but stay out the front, only going towards them if the ‘Over’ ball is called for the drop-off.

• Also, make sure they challenge the collect as soon as a feed comes in, but stop as soon as it goes out. Make sure that round the post, they give the collecting attacker space and instead face out front and dominate that area, threatening passes to feed and any over balls.

• Explaining Rebound Defence can come very much in useful. In higher levels of korf, you may find the need to rebound certain players who are very tall etc. and the rest of the team needs to know how to deal with this. Also, as a defensive system it has its uses (See “Drills: Defence”).

Walking the Block

• Essential. Absolutely essential. Make sure that when a Second wins the collect, they hold onto the ball for another player to come in and regain the collect. Now you have both and can attack 2-2 or pass it out and get 3-1.

• As a side point, make sure people know that they only go under the post for a reason, and if they don’t take a position, they need to get the hell out of there.

Situational Play

• Playing tons and tons of korf in divisions is really useful in general. Just learning how your teammates play, where they like their passes etc. will help immensely.

• Situational 4on4 allows you to create ‘rules’ in play, either to force a certain way of playing that you want to encourage, or to prepare players for certain situations, such as a really tall boy dropping off, or a star player who you need to cut off service to (See “Sessions: Situational Play”).