Back to 2nds

First of all, the most important thing is that the Seconds are playing good basic korfball. You shouldn’t be relying on fancy set plays etc. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t help:

From my experience, a couple of ‘set-moves’ can work wonders in attack. Simply put, teams at Seconds Nationals can be beaten purely by speed and surprise, and by taking advantage of defences that don’t think too many moves ahead. Simply sprinting in to put a feed and collect in at the same time (Rohan) will often lead to a runner straight off the bat. Defences won’t know to drop off, because the feed and shot have come so quickly. There are moves that have worked in the Drills, Sessions, Moves and Games (DSMG) section, but it’s not too hard to come up with your own – anything where you know what’s going to happen and the defence doesn’t can work. Just keep it simple.

All of University korfball seems to rest on a tacit agreement to play Front Defence. This is because, at Firsts level, playing Rebound will just lead to feeds coming in, and blocks being walked. It’s not a good form of defence at that level.

However, because of this, most new players have never played against it, and have been so far completely clueless as to how to attack against it. They grow frustrated, or put in a bad collect, and shoot. Their shooting won’t be too good at this level, and we get a one shot attack. Brilliant. Of course, if there’s a sharp shooter on the team, it can fall down when he/she keeps shooting without a collect and getting them in, so use with discretion. Again, check out the DSMG section for playing Rebound effectively at Seconds Nationals.