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The first thing you’ll notice when coaching the Seconds is that they’ll have come from all kinds of backgrounds. Some will be old 3rds, some old 2nds, and so the immediate bond you often get with the 3rds/4ths may not be immediately there.

Don’t worry about this too much! It’ll happen – the EIKT, socials, and impending Nationals will bring them together in a most amazing way. Sure some early socials might be good, but don’t worry too much if people can’t get to them.

There’s a slight shift when coaching the Seconds, in terms of a less instructional role as a coach. These are players who hopefully know the basics, and can offer up opinions when asked. Lead them to where you need them to be, but make them get themselves there – if that makes sense.

As they become more of a set team, you’ll need leaders in each division. People who can bring a division in and keep up the communication and tactical instruction. And, most importantly, people who can keep up the motivation and high-fives. (High-fives are invaluable to any team sport – they give motivation and a chance to talk to your team without the opposition realising that’s what you’re doing).

Pick a captain, or get the team to pick one, early on – if only so there’s a point of contact, and someone you can bug to organise socials etc. But make sure that come Nationals, there’s leaders on the pitch, whoever the captain is.

Obviously, the Seconds are up a level from the 3rds/4ths in terms of competition, but it’s essential (obviously) to keep it fun. Not only because if it’s not fun it’s not worth doing, but also because the Seconds can easily psych themselves out of a game if they feel under pressure to win it. When they don’t worry, they tend to play much better (from my experience). So stay calm as a coach. If they’re putting effort in, you should never be upset. But if they’re not really trying, and making silly mistakes that they know (and accept) are silly, sometimes it’s not a terrible thing to give them a kick up the backside. It’s a judgement call – you should know that the team will respond to it before you try.

Suggested Curriculum