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A play to get a short shot from a long veer and a diagonal pass.  The male and female roles can be reversed here – the gender taking the shot will be different from that taking collect.

  1. Set up in 4-0, both female players veer in the way shown and one of them receives the ball.  Meanwhile the male player at the back of the post keeps their defender occupied by moving about.
  2. The other female player dashes into the post and performs a long veer, the player with the ball passes it over with a strong pass using the hand farthest from their defender.  The male player at the back of the court draws their defender away from the post by appearing to look for the pass (which they should be anyway).
  3. The female player at the back receives the ball from a good pass and scores.  The male player at the back runs in to take collect.

It is important to be able to make accurate long passes for this move to work, but it is an effective way of creating a scoring opportunity from a diagonal pass, which are woefully underused (and therefore unexpected)


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