The Great Gavsby

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So named after the man, the myth, the legend.  Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Gavin Legg, and he’s scoring again.

Here’s a little bit of wisdom he’s shared.

The Great Gavsby


This move can only be used at the very beginning of the match, or after half time.  Why?  Because that’s when defenders often mark stupidly tight, far more so than they would normally, and are fresh meat for a quick runner.  Boys are generally worse for it (it’s an ego thaang) so if you don’t know your opponents you should have a male attacker taking the shot.  Otherwise if you have a fast player with a reliable running in shot it really doesn’t matter which gender sets up where, so long as the feed is the opposite from the attacker.  Note that this means you can’t set up with same genders opposite one another like you normally would.

  1. Set up in 4-0.  An attacker with a strong run moves up towards the halfway line and receives the ball, at the same time the diagonally opposite player (who is of an opposing gender) runs directly into the feed position.
  2. The attacker with the ball passes into feed and runs their opponent.
  3. The feed gives the ball back to the attacker who scores.

This move is a great way to open a game, if you score a goal straight away it massively demoralises the opposition.  They’re terrified of it, which is why they’re marking so hard in the first place!

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