The Vortex

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The Vortex

This drill practises a lot of different skills – passing, timing, and shooting – and the key to getting the most out of it is to remember that.  Be pedantic about all three skills rather than focusing on only one or two. The drill works best with five players, but four also works.

  1. Start with player 1 under the post, passing out to the next person in the circle, player 2.
  2. They then veer towards player 2, receive the ball and pass quickly to player 3 before dropping back BEHIND player 2 allowing them space to make the next move.
  3. Player 2 then does the same, receiving from player 3 and passing to player 4 before dropping back. It’s important that they wait until player 3 is ready to pass the ball, so they receive the ball on the move rather than sauntering in and having to wait.
  4. Player 3 moves off, receiving the ball from player 4 and passing to player 5.
  5. Player 4 then runs into the post, takes the side feed from player 5 and scores a runner. After the shot they move back out of player 5’s way.
  6. Player 5 moves in to get the collect.
  7. Now everyone is back in the starting positions but has rotated one place.  Guess what you do now…

As a variation, player 4 can run in towards the post before veering sharply to the right, in front of the post and away from player 5.  They get a long pass over the top and take a veer / fade away shot.


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