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Quite simply, you’ve got to use the collect/post to get a decent feed. Go in toward the post, use the collect/post as a block to get rid of your defender and step out to take the feed.

DON’T come too far forward, the further away from the post your feed is, the worse a feed it is.

If, as in decent Front defence, your defender doesn’t follow you round the collect, but stays out the front, you need to be more clever. One of two things works for me:

  1. Anticipation. Don’t go for a feed for whoever has the ball, but for whoever you think they’re going to pass to. If you stay ahead of the game in this way, your defender simply cannot stop you getting a decent feed position. They’ll defend one ball line, while you are in position for the perfect feed as soon as the ball is passed.
  2. Go in to the post, and wait just behind the collect. Your defender will be keeping between you and the ball, and so will stop you popping out for a feed. However, as soon as the ball moves round the court, he will be out of position, and you can pop out and take the feed.

If you threaten getting a feed in one direction by semi-coming out from behind the collect, you will more easily be able to take the other feed position once the ball has moved, as your defender will react to your movements.