Team Selection

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This is a tricky one. The Firsts will most likely have trials run by their coach. They’ll pick a 12 player squad, and also have about four extras training up in addition to the Seconds training – if they can make it.

For Seconds, really it comes down to knowledge and proficiency of the basics. Again, a bigger-than-12 squad is useful for first Semester, with Firsts and Seconds confirming 12 player squads for Nationals by the start of Seconds Semester.

We’ve been aiming for a greater fluidity between teams to encourage competition, but do remember the Fun Rule. We don’t want Korfball to become a sport where teams are split from the club, and go to more team socials than club socials, so use discretion in how you deal with selection issues.

In 2011/12, I used a set of criteria in order to judge potential 2nds/3rds at a trial at the start of a year. My reasons for this were just so that the process was more transparent. It wasn’t just people picking other people, but judging them on criteria and making decisions based upon them. There’s no threshold for Seconds, and it’s not necessarily the players with the best scores that would be picked. But it gives some kind of clear feedback for players who are unsure of why they may have missed out.

Below are links to view and download the Second Team trial criteria and score sheets, if you want to use them. Each coach at the trials had a sheet and marked the players on a particular category, so that the marks were reasonably standardised. Coaches can meet before to talk about it if needed.

Just remember, we’re a club, and that enjoyment comes first.

Attritubes for 2nd Team Trials

2nd Team Trials Scoresheet