3rds/4ths Structure

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Provided that they gain as much of the right kind of experience as possible, I believe it should be best for X1 and X2 to be guided by a slightly more experienced coach (let’s say Y1), in being in charge of the 3rds/4ths.

It is ESSENTIAL that, in this case, Y1 sees his/her goal and duty being the development of the two new coaches. Therefore, choose wisely who you think is the best person for the job. Probably someone not too competitive, but who is happy to be in the background pulling the strings to get the best out of the new coaches, while ensuring the new players in the 3rds/4ths are being coached the new techniques etc. in the right way. Y1 would act as the go to person in terms of liaising for the 3rds/4ths, but would be guiding the new coaches to gain experience.

It is likely that Y1 would take on a more leading role in trainings in the first semester, giving example to the new coaches, while ensuring they gain experience of coaching drills etc. Similarly, in the earlier games of the season, Y1 would ensure the players are well looked after. Entering second semester, however, we would hope Y1 would step back, forcing X1 and X2 to step up without a safety net in trainings and games and lead the whole show.

Feedback could and should be given throughout, but Y1 must remain careful not to step on the toes of the new coaches, and would be advised to not even turn up to some sessions and games, so the safety net is completely removed.

MAKE SURE that all the coaches know their roles and responsibilities from the start, and that they’re on the same page as you – don’t assume.