2nds Structure

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The Seconds, without a doubt, need two coaches. However, they also need on coach who can take sole charge. On the sidelines, ONE voice is often essential. I would envisage, for example, Y2 taking an ‘Assistant Coach’ role, where he/she can learn the ropes of how best to coach the Second team. Y2 would be perhaps the more competitive and player focused of the Y coaches, in contrast to Y1, who we have already discussed. Y2, also, would be effectively an apprentice, learning the trade before stepping up in his/her 3rd (Z) year of coaching.

The main coach, then, would be, for example, Z1. Z1 would have spent one year coaching the 3rds and gaining experience of coaching in general, before a second year of learning the ropes in the Seconds. He/she would hopefully then be in a great position to take full charge of the Seconds, with a strong understanding of techniques, tactics and team dynamics. His/her main job would be the progression of the Seconds players, but would also need to have one eye on Y2, his/her apprentice. Where possible, Y2 could be encouraged to take the lead on training sessions, or be the one voice to the players on a game day (with words in the ear from the main coach, of course).

Alternatively, Z1 could be the main coach in first semester, and Y2 the main coach in second semester.

Make sure, whatever happens, that if a coach is going to end up taking full control of the Seconds at some point in their career they have had experience of being fully in charge of a team.

With two coaches in this relationship, it is ESSENTIAL that the roles and responsibilities of the two of them are set down early on, even down to the tiniest detail, such as who emails who/what/when. Two coaches working on different timescales can easily step on each other’s toes.