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These are purely my thoughts on how a coaching structure can work within EUKC. It is dependent on a rough average of coaches coming through of 2 a year, and with them giving 3 years service – There is leeway for if a coach is only at the club for 2 years. It also treats 3rds/4ths as one training session, as it is currently. Obviously, club expansion may mean a rethink is needed.

Similarly, it may be the case that certain coaches cannot coach teams because they themselves are in that team. This should really be avoided if possible, but simply requires common sense and a watchful eye if it cannot be.

In any given year, there will be two new coaches (X1 and X2), two coaches with one year’s experience (Y1 and Y2) and, hopefully, two coaches with two years’ experience (Z1 and Z2).

Five coaches will be involved in coaching the Seconds and 3rds/4ths. Assuming that the Firsts are being coached by an outside coach, this leaves one coach, Z2 in our example, with no proper position. This is our leeway for if a coach takes a year out, or only has two years. Z2 can step in to any of the Y positions, or can focus on Club training sessions, or act as a consultant coach, helping out where needed.

Again, every year will be different; hopefully this structure would be flexible enough to cope with that.

3rds & 4ths