Coaching Coordinator

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If you’re doing it properly, being Coaching Co-ordinator is a tough job, but you’ll hopefully have plenty of experience and will know what you want to do. Everything in this Katalogue is advice, so ignore it as much as you want.

In this section, for the Coaching Co-ordinator in particular, there’s ideas on how to structure the club’s coaches/coaching, what to think about with new coaches, team trials, and dealing with sending people on the Avon Tyrell coaching course.

One quick but important tip: From the start of the year, encourage a good relationship and chatting between ALL the coaches. Maybe go paintballing/drinking or something. Having a regular meeting time (it doesn’t have to be often) means that there’s a forum for chatting, without having to call meetings to fix particular problems, in which there’ll always be an atmosphere.

Good luck, and have fun!


New Coaches

Team Selection

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