EUKC Coaching

First of all, congratulations on being a coach with the club – my best moments at EUKC, and probably Edinburgh Uni itself have come on the sidelines of a Korfball court. This Katalogue includes thoughts on Coaching Structure, Teams, Sessions, Drills, Moves, Games and so on. Use as much or as little as you like, and please please add to it yourself. You will learn so much as a coach that there is little sense in not leaving it behind for the next year’s coaches!

Remember also that it is not enough to know the rules and skills of a game to coach a team, you have to know your team better than anyone else. You have to know who you can push harder, who will step up, who can take a joke and who just needs encouragement. If you’re anything like me, you’ll mess it up once in a while, but that experience will come.


Teams & Training

Coaching Coordinator

Drills, Sessions, Moves & Games