EUKC Bbz in Glasgow.

On October 20th, up to Dundee
Went nine splendid fellows of EUKC.
By train or by car, squeezed in like cattle
They all sallied forth, prepared to do battle.
Against both our hosts and Glasgow’s team two
Who put up their players, the old and the new.
To warm up, some shots, a throw and a catch
We knew we were in for a helluva match.

PEEP goes the whistle and Glasgow attack,
Firing off shots that we couldn’t hold back.
That said, we scored also if only a few
From Jena and John and Owen Shea too.
But at 7-3 we tasted defeat
And that taste will linger until we next meet.
So Glasgow beware, our players were seethin’!
Next time we play, oh we’re bound to get even.

Dundee we liked a little bit more
One pass all it took, for Graham to score.
Amazing, just as the game had begun
Then he put in another and Owen scored one.
Jena got two, and we were all wowed
The ref decreed all of the rest disallowed!
A shocking performance, we all agreed
But then again Dundee 2 were in some need.
Nobody knows who got MVP
Perhaps it was John, the lad who scored three.
Yeah, Dundee got one, but only by fluke.
T’was 8-1 by match’s end, victory took.

By Mike, aged 20 and 2/3.