EUKC Bbz in Dundee

Edinburgh Uni Bbz took to the court for what would be some of their final games before Club Championships in Cardiff beckoned only a few weeks in the future. After some momentary panic over the arrival of both coaches and John and Jena, the team assembled with minutes to spare before the first game against Dundee. The divisions lined up with Owen, Graham, Jena and Joanna in attack and a defensive back four of Jill, Fran, Mike and John. The game got off to a fast paced start and it wasn’t long before Bbz took the lead through Jena sinking in a mid-range veer. A slight lapse in concentration in defence allowed Dundee to nab an equalizer but this would be short lived as Uni never really looked back. A Fran running in shot put Uni back in the lead and allowed us to push on for a convincing victory. Further goals from Owen, Jena, Mike, Jill, Joanna and Graham proved Bbz’ increasing improvement on court with a range of good attacking moves creating plenty of opportunities. John was also able to take advantage from the penalty line as he scored a hat-trick of penalties to further the distance between the two sides. The half time score of 6-1 was matched in the second half meaning that Bbz ran out 12-2 winners overall.

The second game was against Saints 2 in what many expected to be a much tougher game. However, Bbz were able to fuel of the adrenaline created by the first victory and quickly got out of the blocks. Some clever attacking moves carved an early opening for Mike which he duly dispatched in the opening minute of the game. This was then soon followed by another John penalty which led to an early 2 goal advantage in the first half. From here Bbz again, never really looked back. The alternative division, not to be outdone, quickly responded with 2 goals of their own from Jena and Owen before a second goal of the game for John put Bbz 5-0 up at the break. An early Saints goal in the 2nd half proved to be the only breach in an otherwise solid defensive performance. Further goals from John, Owen and Jena increased Bbz lead to 10-1. In the final 5 minutes of the game, Mike duly dispatch a penalty of his own for his second of the game and Jill wrapped up the scoring with an excellent long range effort, a fitting way to cap off an excellent afternoon of Korf for Edinburgh’s resident Bbz’.

A further special thanks has to go to the Holligan family, who turned out in large numbers to give the team some excellent support for the afternoon. Grandma Holligan named Owen her favourite player and so increased demand for the ‘Shea, 12’ jersey is expected in the future. Further thanks must then be given to the whole Holligan family who very generously opened there home to the team after the game for Fajitas which were superbly delicious and were hence devoured a much appreciative manner!