EUKC 3 vs Mavs 2 vs Saints 2

In what can only be described as classic Scottish weather, the Ed Uni 3rd team made their way to Broughton High School. The first contest was between Ed Uni 3 and Mavericks 2. Philip, Paul, Tasmin and Charlotte formed a division. Owen, Anna, Francesca and Nik formed the second division. The second division started the attack and quickly were in the lead. Mavs quickly equalised. During the switch over, Mavs scored but Edinburgh Uni quickly equalised bringing the scored 2-2. The next switch over again Edinburgh and Mavs scored, the game was now hanging in the balance. During the half time, one substitution was made – John was brought in. The second half was crucial, the Mavs were gutting frustrated as evident by the anger shown by Anna’s marker. Ed Uni 3 and Mavs scored two each quite early in the half. Despite the first divsion’s efforts and really close misses, we just couldn’t get the crucial goal. Overall, the game ended 5-5, however, it must be pointed out Mavs received 4 penalties of which they only scored one.
MVP – Philip
Highest Scorer – Nik

Game 2 – Ed Uni 3 was up against the Saints 2. The first division was made up of John, Nik, Anna and Tasmin and the second division was made up of Owen, Francesca, Charlotte and Philip. Ed uni 3 scored the first 3 goals and St. Andrews 2 were starting to be evidently no match for Edinburgh. However, St. Andrews only focused on their feed and never attempted any long shots which was a major mistake as runners well defended. In the half time Edinburgh was well ahead. Paul was brought in during half time. The half started well for Edinburgh with good defending, switches and shooting. The game was filled with
Edinburgh taking a combination of long shots (Paul scored two) and runners. As the final whistle blew the scored stood 14 -6.
Highest Scorer – Tasmin