EUKC 3 vs Mavs 2 vs Dundee 2

On Sunday 24th November Edinburgh Uni 3 travelled to Sighthill to play two matches one against Mavs 2 and another against Dundee 2 (although I have been informed that there were a few first team players playing!)
Edinburgh Uni 3 v Mavs 2
In the first division was Fi, Jess, Nik and Philip and forming the second division was Max S, Graham, Priya and Francesca. With four members having never played in a match before, we knew this would be a tough match. The first half consisted of a lot of goals for the Mavs and Edinburgh Uni finding their feet. Our first goal came from Nik who placed an impressive long shot, this was just want Edinburgh Uni needed to lift our spirits with the score at half time being 1-14 to Mavs. During the second half Edinburgh Uni had made a substitution, Rebecca came on for Fi. By this point Edinburgh Uni had found their feet and were defending solidly whilst putting up shots, however without success. Later a foul was made and Francesca took a penalty and scored! (First goal in a match!!). Unfortunately one more goal was not enough to beat the Mavs with a final score of 2-20 despite the amazing effort everyone on the team put in.

Edinburgh Uni 3 v Dundee 2
For the second match we mixed the divisions up a little and the first division consisted of Fi, Priya, Philip and Mike and forming the second division was Max S, Nik, Rebecca and Francesca. Despite having just played a match, and then playing straight away against Dundee 2, everyone was full of energy and was very enthusiastic. In this match Edinburgh Uni put up a huge number of shots, both long shots and runners, unfortunately without much luck at scoring. Even though defending by Edinburgh was good Dundee still managed to score a number of goals. About a quarter of the way through the match Philip put up a shot with those long arms of his and scored! The score being 1-8 at half time. During the second half Jess was brought on for Francesca. Defending got tighter and Edinburgh Uni were forcing Dundee to take more and more long shots which I have heard is not what they like doing! Nik put up lots of shots and eventually scored 1 and as the second half was coming to a close Jess put up an amazing long shot and scored! Again, despite our best efforts we were not victorious with the final score being 3-15 to Dundee.
Well done to everyone that played and all the effort they put in!