1st Team Match Report – Edinburgh Uni 1 [4] – [7] Edinburgh City 1

Sunday 28th October 2012 – St Leonards

With St Andrews unfortunately pulling out of this weekend’s games, focus was purely on the game against Edinburgh City. With this year’s first team coaches making up 3 of City’s starting 8, it was sure to be an interesting battle…

The squad, in reverse alphabetical order of last name, in reverse, were: Chris Kay (sub), Poppy Simpso-Wells, Will Ellis, Jamie Miller, Rosemary Nolan, Ella Paul, Cathy Campbell, Max Wartelle and Jean Fourie.

After a warm-up provided by captain Ella, along with a couple of shooting drills, the game got underway, refereed by ex-president and EUKC1 player, John Wright.

A strong initial attack led to EUKC neatly scoring the first 2 korfs of the game, putting City noticeably on their back foot. However they clawed it back to equalise the game at 2-2, with brilliant attacking and defending performances being put in at both ends of the court. As half time drew closer, Max scored a neat ‘Paul-Shields’ from the back corner of his division, only for Coach Gav to score a very similar shot at the other end, this time with a collect!

Half time and it was 3-3.

The second half continued as the first had finished with great performances all round. Communication was good throughout and was extremely effective in shutting down City’s attack when we remembered to use it. Unfortunately, as the games wore on and concentration started to slip slightly, more penalties were given. City scored 3 penalties and combined with another score from either side, the final result was City 7 – 4 Uni.

Generally everyone was happy with the performance, but as with any game, there are always opportunities for improvements to be made. As we’ve always known, intelligent play is the key to success. Combine that with good communication, knowing your team members well and exercising a little more constraint in defence and we’ve got a winning team.

Next up: Sunday 11th Nov – Dundee + Glasgow 2