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The job of ‘Website’ person is mostly described in the name – it’s your job to make the website look cool and keep it up to date.

The job:

Simply put: Keep the website maintained and add things that other members of the committee (and club) send you. Mostly this consists of major news items and match reports.


  • I’d recommend staking a claim in running the Twitter feed, as this works in a nice parallel with the website – e.g. “live” results and quick news updates, which are then all visible on the Twitter feed of the website.
  • Last year (2012-2013) the website was moved over the WordPress, making it easier to have a sweet looking, easy operating website. Feel free to change the design, or build on the design. It’s a good idea to get a good looking website sorted for early summer. My theory is that as soon as future-freshers find out what Uni they’re going to, they’ll start googling stuff to do with the uni – and we wanna catch ’em early, and attract them with an awesome/uptodate website!
  • This year we also got – that’s pretty cool. At the time of writing, this needs to be renewed, and we’re still working out if and how we want to do that.
  • Interactivity is often limited on the website due to Facebook, but encourage people to comment on stuff and it’s fun to add some posts or features (eg wordpress plugins) every now and again that draw attention to the website e.g. countdown to korfmas; snow at christmas (this is ESSENTIAL!!!!!!!) Have some fun with it.
  • It’s the publicity committee’s role to ensure match reports are written – but you should work with them to make sure match reports get on the website. Not least because it acts as a nice record of the clubs progress. Also photos are good. Take photos at matches/training/socials, steal peoples photos of facebook and add them to match reports or news etc. Makes it altogether more appealing.

The Geeky Bit:

With WordPress you can make it as simple or complex as you like. If you want, you can do no coding whatsoever and just use the wordpress functions. Or you can use a small amount of HTML in editing posts/colours etc. Or you can go all out and create your own theme/plugins using PHP. The internet is your oyster….

You may also have noticed the secret “Web Secretary’s Stuff” button at the top of this website that only appears when you log in.  There’s lots in there on the finer points of wordpress, so make use of that once you’re in your new role!