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Being secretary is quite simply being chief of organisation, you’re there to help out the president whenever he/she needs it and deal with the admin of the club.

Main Roles/Responsibilities

  • Take minutes at meetings
  • Organise hall time for matches/training
  • Keep in touch with other clubs in the SKA and let them know about organisation of our home matches/find out about away matches and let EUKC know
  • Organise who will ref each EUKC match and let all other teams and the SKA League Secretary know at least 48 hours in advance
  • Make sure there are 6 match forms at each home fixture and that they are filled in correctly and sent to the SKA League Secretary.
  • Fill in forms that the SU send (keep in touch with the president, make sure that only one form is sent per club)
  • Ensure there is an up-to-date list of names/matric numbers/gym membership details of everyone in the club
  • Make sure e-mail lists are up-to-date
  • Keep in contact with team captains to book halls for extra trainings
  • Pass all information to relevant people eg. any money issues need to be passed onto the treasurer
  • Anything else that the president asks

Things that I learnt this year:

  • To-do lists are your friend – it’s important to make regular notes of what’s been done, what’s being done and what still needs to be done.
  • Check the email regularly – being efficient will prevent work building up and make your life much easier.
  • Book hall time as soon as league fixtures are released. The CSE and St Leonard’s will be more flexible the earlier in advance you request hall time.

If for whatever reason Uni Halls are booked, other sports halls in Edinburgh to try are:

  • Broughton High School (one of the cheaper halls and useful because Ed City train there so no need to lug posts there) – 0131 332 7805
  • Crags (haven’t been great at communication this year) – 0131 667 3334
  • Sighthill (useful if you ever need a double hall) – 0131 455 4437
  • George Watsons (multiple halls) – 0131 446 6066
  • James Gillespies (not available on Sundays, not sure abot Saturdays) – 0131 447 1900
  • Mary Erskine School – 0131 311 1111
  • Westwoods (bit expensive but quick to reply and very helpful)  – 0131 332 5777

I recommend Broughton or Sighthill.