Committee Roles

So you want to be on the committee?

Being on the committee is a lot of fun, it let’s you be an active part in improving the club you’ve grown to love and you also get to meet up for tea and biscuits (or beer and nachos) with your fellow committeeans whilst debating matters of sincere importance.

Each of the 11 committee positions is elected at the AGM in March/April by a majority vote of all club members present.   To be elected, a person must be nominated by another club member, and seconded.  The nominator says why they’ve nominated you (the most common word in this little speech is “errr”, closely followed by “umm” – you don’t need to do much prep…)  then you’ll have an opportunity to big yourself up for the role, and answer any questions. To be eligible to stand as coaching co-ordinator a club member must be a level II BKA coach or equivalent, with a year’s practical coaching experience, or if unqualified with two years practical coaching experience.

Have a glance below to see an overview of each position or click on the heading to read more, including tips and hints for while you’re in the role!


Captain the ship!  Chair committee meetings, keep things running smoothly, and make the club better in every way.  Have the club’s emails forwarded to you so you know what’s going on and make sure all the other committee members are getting on fine.  Deliver inspirational speeches – at AGMs, other meetings, trainings, on the bus…

Keep an eye on the email account and deal with anything that comes in.  Forms for the SU, fixture arrangements, hall bookings.  You’ll delete a lot of spam emails in your time.

Keep a track of the money, apply for grants, have an idea of whether we can afford to buy or subsidise things that come up in committee meetings.  Check the pigeon hole at the SU office for any incoming mail – it’s almost always a bank statement, hence why it’s not the secretary’s job!

Coaching Co-Ordinator
Choose which (if any) external coaches to use in the coming year, allocate the external and club coaches to different teams or sessions, help develop the new club coaches into coaching maestros.  Towards the end of the year pick 1, 2, or 3 budding young korfers to go on the coaching course at Avon Tyrell.  EXPAND THE COACHING SECTION OF THE WEBSITE. Sorry, I’m a bit biased.  There’s lots in there already but plenty room for adding your own drills, moves, or idle musings.

Tournament Secretary
Look at all the tournament invitations we receive and choose which to enter teams for.  This will also involve making sure any travel, accommodation, or kit needs are met.  The big one is organising our own EIKT, but you’ve got the rest of the committee (particularly the ordinary member) to have your back.

Publicity & Alumni
Make preparations for freshers week and promote the club throughout the year.  Keep an up to date list of alumni contact details, arrange the alumni reunion meal the same weekend as EIKT, and organise a friendly match during the SU’s Alumni Week.  You’ll also be in charge of gathering (or designating a gatherer of) match reports after a fixture and sending them to the website secretary.

Social Secretaries
This is a role for two people, so grab a buddy and run as a pair!  This involves arranging sponsorship (in the form of food, drink, or cold hard cash) from venues such as post training pubs, or local clubs, in exchange for either patronage or branding on any tops we have made.  Then the fun bit, organise all the fun social events throughout the year!

Kit Secretary
Keep a track of all the team shirts/shorts/skorts and make sure each team has enough for their matches.  You’ll also be chatting to the tournament secretary to transfer kit for tournos as well!  The last bit is liaising with the SU’s kit supplier to either buy more kit for the club or enable club members to buy their own tops/trackies/hoodies etc.

Keep the website up to date with all the world’s useful info – fixtures, social events, news, and match reports.  There are other bits of admin involved like getting the committee’s profiles online and expanding the coaching section.  But most of all, above anything else, make the homepage snow at christmas.

(Extra)Ordinary Member
General helper on the committee, voices the opinions of club members and helps out at specific events like freshers’ week and EIKT.