Match Report 02/10/16

Match Venue Time Results


Strathclyde Uni CSR 

St Thomas Aquinas School



EU3 5-11 ST,  EC postponed

G2 12-5 EU2,  EU2 10-4 D2


The 2016/17 season opens with not one, but TWO adrenaline packed fixtures (and not just because we had to traverse Glasgow).    EU2 kicked off the day with a mostly new players team, fighting it out with Glasgow 2 for a tough loss but still achieving 2 Goals for Amy “Essex” Robinson and 3 for top scorer and korfball debut maker Tasha Jayabalan!   The seconds then secured their first win of the season with a cracking 10-4 win over Dundee 2, with goals flying in from all corners thanks to Ellie Finch, Elise Çelik, Michael Cooley, Ellie Fairfoot, Tasha Jayabalan, and top scorer  Robert Dudek, putting in 3 in his debut fixture.  Coach Thijs commended Elise for some great long shots right after he shut off the camera (unlucky), and gave his highlight as seeing all the new players producing some really high quality korfball, despite losing out to a strong Glasgow side.  But give them a few months to settle into it, and then…

Meanwhile, the thirds were having it out with Strathclyde for their first game of the year, losing out to well seasoned players at 11-5 with a goal apiece from Christie Smillie and Christina Swan, and a smashing 3 goal start to his korfball career from Harry Woodage, which earned him the match MVP.  Since Edinburgh City had pulled out due to player availability (read “fear”)  some friendly games followed in which EU3 beat Strathclyde’s freshers by a whopping 12 goals to 2.  Coach Mason said there was very impressive play from new korfers, and is excited for the year ahead.  He also suggested quietly that perhaps MVP should have gone to a particular someone making their coaching debut…

Finally, everybody went to Five Guys, and it was great.