“Pass Out” is the debut single by EU-Kray-Z. This track samples previous works by Tinie Tempah and by combining a unique set of talents, allows a new and eclectic sound to be developed.  Through the lyrics and the video interpretation, the team behind the single hope that it is educational, as well as providing a platform for the korfball rap scene to make a return to the mainstream music industry, where it rightfully belongs.

The music video (released via on 26th May 2012) was watched 3,000 times within the first 7 days. Viewers came from across the globe including UK, USA, Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia, Belgium, Spain, Canada, Germany and many more…

EU-Kray-Z’s “Pass Out” was written and headed by Will Lawton a.k.a. The Waterboy. The rap stars Ffion “Fee-Unit” Jones and Max “The Chorister” Wartelle. Supporting vocals were provided by Paul Shields, Cathy Campbell, Jean Le Roux Fourie and Chris Kay. Filming and editing was by Jen Merritt and Chris Kay. A complete list of credits can be seen at the end of the official video!

Watch this space for more tunes from EU-Kray-Z…

Pass Out – EU-Kray-Z ft. The Waterboy

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