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As the club’s treasurer, your ultimate responsibility is to keep track of the club’s finances by managing money coming into and leaving the club’s bank account.

I’ve tried to keep this page quite brief, so it’s written in ‘note style’. If there are any questions, please just drop me an email ( or a Facebook message and I’m sure I’ll be able to clear anything up! The job’s a great one to do, it’s a good level of responsibility and doesn’t take too much time at all, if you keep on top of it.

A couple of points:

  • Change Signatories on the Account – at the start of your role as treasurer it is necessary to change these. You will need to get a mandate variation form which can be downloaded from the Bank of Scotland website. This form will need to be filled out, being signed by the old signatories (president (Mike), treasurer (Lauren), secretary (Alison) as well as the new signatories (so it is a good idea to do this before everybody leaves for Easter/summer). Once the form has been filled in you can go into a Bank of Scotland branch with the form and they will send it away for you. You should then get a letter in 4-6 weeks informing you that you have been made a signattory. Another thing to note is if you and the other new signatories don’t already have an account with the Bank of Scotland you will need to go into a branch of the Bank of Scotland and show ID.

In the time you are not a signatory you will be unable to make payments online or sign cheques, so if there is anything urgent please do not hesitate to ask the former treasurer, president or secretary to set up and make payments. You will also not be able to see how much money is in the account apart from going off the bank statements you receive, so if you need to know please just ask the former treasurer!

  • Internet Banking – once you have received notification that you and others have been made a signatory you will be able to apply for internet banking. To do this you will have to go onto the Bank of Scotland website and register for business internet banking. Once you have access to the online account you can keep a close check on finances as well as make online payments.
  • Budget for the year – this needs to be done by the end of May. The EUSU Honorary Treasurer will email you a budget spreadsheet to fill out that helps you budget your incomings and outgoings for the year; the old treasurer should help you fill this in, so arrange a meeting with them to do this!
  • Treasurer Spreadheet – You will receive this from the Honourary Treasurer by email. You will have to fill in all of teh clubs incomings, outcomings and grant claimed. This can be filled out at the end of each month, or throughout the moth if you like. In January you will be asked to submit the spreadsheet to the Honorary Treasurer for audit purposes.
  • Sign cheques/pay people –  even though you will have access to online banking, it still may be necessary to make some payments by cheque. You will need two of the three (treasurer, president and secretary) to sign. 
  • Collect money – There is a EUKC invoice template on the USB stick you are provided with at handover, use this when invoicing other clubs/people for money. When collecting money for membership be firm, if people are refusing to pay then tell them they cannot attend training until they have paid what they owe. Likewise, when collecting money for the SU Ball, do not buy them a ticket unless they have paid the club.
  • Keep receipts and paperwork – Keep track of everything so that if we need to prove what money was used for we can, and also so that if we want to claim money from the grant funding the SU give us we can do so.
  •  Keep track of money – It is your job to check the club is doing ok for money. An excel spreadsheet will help with this as you can enter ingoings and outgoings, as well as cheques you have written that haven’t yet been cashed, and things you will have to pay for/money coming in during the upcoming months.
  • Spending Grant Money – You will receive grant money at the start of this year. You can spend this by going to see Meg at the SU office with the receipt/invoices you would like to pay for with grant money.
  • Applying for funding – the SU has a number of funds available to give to clubs who apply. Any korfballers playing for Scotland/EKA/BKSA may wish to claim from the representation fund for money towards their travel/accommodation. Apply before they go, get the forms from Meg.

Other Key Resources

  • Sports Union Wiki – Contains documents outlining a huge range of details relating to running a club, as well as forms which you may need to fill in throughout the year.
  • Sports Union Calendar – Calendar with key dates, including deadlines.
  • Meg Kemp – Meg is the accounts manager at the Sports Union. She’s extremely friendly and is the person who you can meet to discuss finances and ask any questions. Meg works part time, so make sure you check her office hours on the SU website.

I hope that’s given a brief outline of the role. Just to add, if you do become treasurer, please (especially in the initial months) do not hesitate to ask for guidance from the former treasurer while you find your feet! There are also several talks from the SU outlining everything you need to do and don’t forget, you’ll also have a whole committee to go to for help – you’ll definitely not feel lost!

Lauren 7/02/16