Committee 15/16


Name: Michael Garbutt
Position: President
Cap’n o’ the mighty ship
Studying: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering (4th Year)
Years of service: 3
Likes: Music, the outdoors and a good pale ale.
What you didn’t know: There are more model flamingos in the world than real ones.
What to expect: A very long walk if you ever want to come visit.


Name: Alison Scott
Position: Secretary
All things admin related
Studying: Veterinary Medicine and Surgery (4th Year)
Years of service: 1
Likes: The North, country pubs and a good brew!
What you didn’t know: Horses can’t vomit.
What to expect: Organised chaos and external monologue.


Name: Lauren Halkerston
Position: Treasurer
Makes sure the finances are in order
Studying: History (4th Year)td>
Years of service: 1
Likes: Cats (just not the library cat), fondant fancies (especially the yellow ones) and green tea (none of the funny tea you put milk in).
What you didn’t know: If you search for “askew” in google, the content will tilt slightly to the right.
What to expect: A sense of humour, that not many people notice, which can be awkward.

Name: Alex Johnston
Position: Tournament Secretary
Organiser of many things, including EIKT
Studying: History (3rd Year)
Years of service: 1
Likes: Playing video games when studying would be more appropriate.
What you didn’t know: Winston Churchill claimed £20,000 worth of champagne on expenses.
What to expect: Long minibus rides, followed by much korfball.


Name: Harry Varley
Position: Social Secretary
‘Go on son’
Years of service: 1
Likes: BBC (beers, banter and chat)
What you didn’t know: Ketamine is high in Omega 3.
What to expect: Expect a Charlie Sheen-esque year filled with debauchery and decadence. Expect a rapidly flowing river of drugs and booze and orgies with little chance to recover. Expect to wake up amongst an ocean of entangled limbs exhausted by an evening too filthy for the English language. Expect fun and expect memory loss but most importantly expect the unexpected, as that is what a night with Harry “THE LAD” Varley entails.


Name: Thijs Lepelaar
Position: Social Secretary
Making sure people drink enough
Studying: Chemical Engineering (2nd year)
Years of service: 1
Likes: Drinking pints and making people down pints.
What you didn’t know: 63 earths can fit in Uranus.
What to expect: Drinks and top class banter.


Name: Tash Goodman
Position: Alumni/Publicity
Responsible for promoting the club throughout the university and beyond…
Studying:  Economics and Philosophy (4th Year)
Years of service: 1
Likes:  Summer and Mountains
What you didn’t know:  A hummingbird weighs less than a penny
What to expect:  A really good cup of tea


Name: Matt Ferguson
Position: Kit Secretary
Bib washer, stash salesman
Studying: Politics (4th Year)
Years of service: 2
Likes: IPA, 6:30am shooting practice, sleeping (especially after shooting practice and/or IPA).
What you didn’t know Mosquito repellents don’t actually repel mosquitos, they block the mosquito’s sensors and ‘hide’ you.
What to expect: Good Korfball, bad jokes.

John 15/16

Name: John Bagnall
Position: Coaching Co-ordinator
Harnesses young, raw talent and moulds them into the Korfball stars of the future
Studying: History (PhD)
Years of service:  2
Likes: Long complex philosophical, political, historical, theological, scientific, astrological, meteorological debates, and football
What you didn’t know: ‘Sonder’ is the word for the sudden realisation that everyone around you each has their own life equally as complex as your own.
What to expect: Plenty of ambedo, opia, vermodalen, socha and zenosyne


Name: Jemima Horsley-Downey
Position: Ordinary Member
Years of service:
What you didn’t know:
What to expect:

me (4)  (<- insert basic bitch pose here)

Name: Anna Stewart
Position: Website Secretary
Making it snow and runnin dem social media sites
Studying: Physical Education (3rd Year)
Years of service: 1
Likes: Being a general basic bitch.
What you didn’t know: Human thighbones are stronger than concrete (unless you’re me, the bionic woman is 100% carbon fibre).
What to expect: Lots and lots of basic bitch questions.