Our committee forms the body of the University team, and between us, we make sure everything goes to plan.

This year’s committee looks fine and fresh- click the job title to find out what they do.

President: Ellie Fairfoot
Treasurer: Connor Minnis
Secretary: Orla Menzies
Tournament Secretary: Harry Woodage w/ co-sec Fergus Hamilton-Blackett
Social Secretaries: Sally Christie & Tasha Jayabalan
Website Convenor: Christie Smillie
Team Manager: Robyn Seabright (apparently this is a new job, lucky you)
Coaching Coordinator: Thijs Lepelaar
Kit Secretary: Frances Waterfall
Ordinary Member: Robert Dudek (we all know this job doesn’t involve very much)
Publicity & Alumni: Harry Varley

are you an Alumni? do you dream of the days when you were kit sec? We’ve archived your pages from your committee days here: Ancient History of Korfball Committees