BUCS Preliminaries

Scottish preliminaries saw in the start of this year’s korfball BUCS season! The matches were met with great anticipation by all as we waited to see who, Saint Andrews or Edinburgh, would take the top spot. The matches were clearly going to be crunchy. Edinburgh had entered 3 teams, and Saint Andrews 2. There were lots of fresh new faces on court, as well as some hardened korfers prepared to go all out in order to snag their team first place!

EU1 began their day with a smooth victory against Saints 2, in which many goals were scored, getting them prepared for their big match of the day against Saints 1! Only a week before the two giants had come head to head in their Scottish League match, which had left Edinburgh victorious! Anticipation was high for the results of this match. The game started fast with both teams getting a couple of goals under their belts in quick succession, however a few penalties along the way gave Saints the upper hand leaving them victorious, and Edinburgh vowing to make up for it at Regionals.

EU2 lost to Saints 1, their first match of the day, but recovered swiftly in an intense match against EU1! Playing against their coaches was tough, but EU2 managed to pull back from being 5 goals down to losing by only 2 points, with some beautiful long shots scored! Their third match against Saints 2 was a draw, after a competitively fought match, and the day finished on a high with a victory against EU3.

EU3 may have been the underdogs, with many players very new to korfball, but every match was played with determination and energy! Goals were scored (even if slightly more were conceded) against all the other teams, including their own first team (who were not impressed). Particular recognition should go to Angus Buxton, who despite being one of the club’s least experienced players was noted for his excellent leadership on court and even scored a goal against his coach (who was appropriately embarrassed).

At the end of the day Saints 1 took first place and EU1 took second. EU2 having conceded only 2 more than they scored compared to Saints 2 who conceded 3 more, took third place. Saints 2 took fourth and EU3 took last. A successful story for Edinburgh, taking both 2nd and 3rd places, and bringing a third team to a BUCS tournament for the first time in several years! The day ended in high spirits as the teams rushed home, everyone excited for the next matches to come!