4th Team Match Report – 30th September 2012, Ed City 1 and Dundee

The Fourth Team made their debut Korfball appearance on Sunday, 30th September. Playing at home against Edinburgh City 1 and Dundee, some tough matches were in store for them. First up was Edinburgh City. It really was a fantastic game with some great attacking play despite the huge pressure from one of the top teams in Scotland. Everyone kept calm and their heads up despite the loss. Congratulations must go to Lorna Russell for gaining Most Valuable Player after some brilliant defending and switching.
Next up was Dundee. I cannot stress how well the Fourth Team played, especially in the first half of match, holding Dundee to 0-0 for the vast majority of it. Again, the attacking play was really good with shot after shot going up, being collected and recycled once more. The game only slipped out of our grasp due to a couple of free passes and penalties given away … things to work on next in training! Special mentions must go to Owen Shea for being an indomitable collect against a rather physical opponent and Jon Vundum, who gained Most Valuable Player for running his opponent ragged. A final thanks to Andrew Burnie for assuming the role of Captain for the two fixtures.
Overall, two losses against two good teams but some firm foundations laid for the coming season and I’m sure the Fourth Team will come on leaps and bounds in the month before their next fixture. Bring it on, Glasgow 2 and Saint Andrews 1!

Report by Ella Paul.