4th Mar 2012: Ed Uni 1 v Ed City 1 v Glasgow 1

On Sunday 4th of March, the first team woke nice and early (6am) to catch the minibus for Glasgow. After some awkward chat from Sam and Elliot, and some lovely driving from Shiggy, we arrived at the black gates of Shawlands Academy. Will L was refereeing for the match Ed City 1 v Glasgow 1. This gave us a chance to suss out our opponents and for Dom to bond with the Glasgow mascot (Baby Oscar).

First up was Ed City 1, who had beaten us earlier in the season at home in St Leonards. We were determined not to let this happen again. The first half ended 8-5 to the city side and after a great half time talk from Kyle and Will, we were able to up our game and come back to draw 9-9 at the final whistle. This was a close, high quality, very competitive match with excellent korfball on show. It also proved our bouncebackability and gave Glasgow something to worry about. Goalscorers can be found on the League republic page as I cannot remember! I am sure however, that some haggis was eaten… (in joke).

Next up was Glasgow, who had also beaten us earlier in the year. We faced a strong team but we dominated in possession and were a few goals ahead for most of the game. But Sunday was not to be our day and our (hundreds of) shots were just not going in. Both teams were getting heated and the ref had to call the captains in to calm us down. Final score was either 9-8 or 10-9 to Glasgow. Within the last 40 seconds, we tried frantically to score but Glasgow were the team to get lucky with Nicol scoring a last gasp running in shot. Although the score line didn’t go in our favour, we played very well and Shiggy’s dream shot must be mentioned – 4 metres, one footed, textbook.
The bus home was as delightful as the journey there. Fluids.

We are now getting psyched up for Nationals 2012 and preparations have begun. Carb loading began last night in Buffalo Grill where we had a lovely pre-nationals bonding session. The T-shirts have been made (thanks Poppy) and cakes are about to be baked. We are stocking up on banananananas and powerade and are ready to show the UK what we are made of – Haggis