3rds/4ths at Glasgow – Sunday 20th January 2013

We were always going to struggle to get together two full 3rds/4ths squads to play against Glasgow 1, but in the end, what could have resulted in wasted hall time and frustrated players, turned out to be great fun for everyone involved.

The day began meeting at Waverley station to catch the train together. 20 Questions was the order of the day, with the players, coaches and special guest Sam Grindrod all eager to discover what was in Max’s unusual smoothie recipe. Sniff tests only scratched the surface of a long shopping list of ingredients encompassing all the major food groups.. Competitive spirits awakened, the team were eager to get to Glasgow and get playing.

Yak Attack gave a fantastic show against a formidable Glasgow 1 side who have their eyes firmly set on the top of the league. The boys were putting up a great contest under the post, whilst the girls attacked out the front, using their speed to get past Glasgow’s defenders. At half time the very experienced Glasgow were up 9-0. After a rousing half time talk from Coach Max, Yak Attack came out with guns blazing, improving as the second half progressed. Some top notch defending cut out more of Glasgow’s runners and some beautiful long veers from both Edinburgh divisions meant we were a force to be reckoned with in attack – the Graham vs. Graham pairing deserves special mention for its intensity. Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do about Glasgow scoring from the half way line and the end score was 18-0. If anything, the final whistle came too soon for Edinburgh who were executing their best attack of the game in the last 60 seconds.

Serious match over, the remaining 90 minutes were filled with fun scratch games, with players (and coaches and visiting New Zealanders) from both teams mixed together. The more experienced coached the less experienced, regardless of which team they were playing for at the time and everyone left at the end with a warm fuzzy feeling of SKA solidarity.

Really well done to Jess who had a bit of a baptism of fire for her first league game, but did exceptionally well. And also to Frances for her first competitive goal…and for getting lost on the train.

Feed the Yaks and they will score!


Report by Rosy.