3rd Oct 2010: 3rds Vs. Ed City & St. Andrews

Ed City 2nds (1st) 9-3 Ed Uni 3rds (The Tigers?)
St Andrews 1sts 8-2 Ed Uni 3rds

Full Team List for both games:
Louise, Fionnuala, Ffion (1), Charis (1), Steph, Sophie, Nicola, Liz, Amy, Dan The Man (1), Felliott, Dale (1), Matt (1), Ben, Jean MIA

So after sore throats, sore legs and battered opposition egos we managed to come back from our first away games with more pride than we left with and some valuable experience from playing some of the best players in our division.

Amazingly, Louise was the first to arrive for the early 8.50 start at Waverley and, after much deliberation, Will finally managed to buy his ticket second time of asking with a little help from Felliott. With Sarah making sure everyone was present and accounted for, we headed for the train to Leuchars full of excitement, a bit of nerves and secretly all hoping we wouldn’t get trashed and humiliated.

So, we were all aboard and on our way. Everyone was enjoying picking shirt numbers for the game when Sarah and Will decided to double check that everyone had indeed made the train. Images of Jean standing all alone in Waverley checking his watch and tutting soon came to mind; first man down and we hadn’t even got past Haymarket! Sorry Jean, hope you didn’t have to wait too long!

Still up for the next game?

Team names then became topic of conversation with names such as Pirates, Spartans, Whales all being bandied around while Dan The Man ignored this in favour of snapping photos of the passing empty fields like a true tourist. Will’s phone suddenly started playing Eye of the Tiger causing Nicola and others to settle on not just an inspirational theme tune but also our potential team name of The Tigers.

So after a delayed train, a short taxi ride and an ill-placed warm up; we were ready for our first ever game. We won the toss and we started with the ball and with our first Korfball attack ever Charis stepped up with a long range shot and sunk it to give us a lead. Cue lots of shouting and screaming before Ed City equalised mid-way through the opening half. The intensity was extremely high; we had most of the possession and were making them work to keep the ball all over the pitch. It wasn’t long before we forced an interception in our attacking half through tight work from Dan The Man and Dale allowing Ffion to pounce on the loose ball to take us back in the lead 2-1. Then Dale sunk a spectacular long range shot. 3-1. Unbelievable! Ed city sneaked in a second before the half was done and left us 3-2 up at half-time. Another highlight was seeing St Andrews 1s looking very worried on the side-line!

Drinks all round after a fantastic first half where we made Ed City, people who have played for a number of years, look like freshers and an outstanding performance from Ffelliott on, so I’m told, Mr Shouty. Well played.

Will, Sarah and Jamie looked shocked (and probably worried about playing us :P) but were full of encouragement for the second half. I screwed up the team chant, a few changes were made by both sides, and the second half was under way.

Game on and we started brightly second half but conceded a quick goal and then another leaving us 4-3 down only 5 minutes in. We kept fighting but we slightly over-committed on a couple of occasions giving away a couple of cheap penalties that put us out of the game, however, we didn’t give up chasing the ball and making chances with Liz continuously peppering the goal with shots and Dale winning the collect. Final score in the end was 9-3 to Ed City, but regardless it was a memorable performance and one that we should be very proud of, everyone played their part.
As soon as the claxon went St Andrews were on their feet to start a full blown warm up in preparation for a team of first timers. Can’t blame them really!

There were lots of battles all over the pitch with Ben being up against someone who had a couple of inches on him and me paired up with Andy Hall. We went a couple down early but then got a grip on the game whenDan The Man opened his account for the season with a nice long range shot that also contributed to his award of MVP for us. Congrats!

So then the banter began. We restricted their attacking possession well all game, with us having most of the ball around their goal and really frustrating them.

6-1 down at half time against a team that won the league last season was a tremendous effort from all involved and we had chances to have made that gap a little closer.

As the claxon went there was more encouragement from the coaches, some changes were made and everyone got a chance to play some of the games, a real team effort.

Second half and we were getting collect in, setting up feeds and working them around the pitch and keeping the ball. It was a professional display for sure and they didn’t look happy. I grabbed a cheeky goal after my marker fell over the post and took us to 6-2 and with some belief we could pull off a massive upset. It was all The Tigers but we just couldn’t find the basket again despite Fionnuala creating a lot of space for chances.

St. Andrews grabbed a couple of penalties to take an 8-2 victory but in all honesty it felt like a win to us! On a massive high we headed down to tea with St Andrews (which has to be said was better than Malones; we had pizza and nachos!) People trickled home and the hard core (Nicola, Dan The Man, Felliott, Louise and I) remained for some banter with the opposition who admitted they were shocked at how well we played and said we had a lot of potential. High praise indeed!

After Dan The Man got in some more photos and Louise went in the sea it was time to head home.

On the train back Louise invented the Dick of the Day Award to be awarded at the end of every game. I was the first lucky winner for my ‘banter’ and I look forward to my prize…

Great job everyone and a brilliant performance! We can only get better so bring on Ed Uni 2s!

Also a big thank you to all the coaches from the whole team on getting us ready for today, we really appreciate all the effort you guys have put in and made it a really good laugh for us.