31st Oct 2010: Saints 2 vs. Ed City 2

Saints 2 and Ed City 2? Hakuna Matata. (It means ‘No worries’)

With the lovely tuneful singing of Catherine and Will, who both mostly knew the words to the Lion King Soundtrack, entertaining all those lucky enough to be in the car, the firsts descended on Westwoods for games that we really shouldn’t lose.

But with Maltby away because it was her birthday and Rosie ditching the second game for a gig (What kind of commitment is that!?), there were a few scared faces. Sarah M stepped up to fill the void, and the team was ready.

Clearly overawed by Will’s brilliance, ‘Captain’ Kyle decided that Will should take his place in the division, as well as the captain’s armband for the game. Rumours that it was only in order to test out other combinations for Northerns, when Will will be on a boat, were disregarded as total rubbish.

The game went much as expected, with only a few miraculous long shots by Andy �Rob’s twin brother’ Jdampening the 17-6 scoreline. Clearly Will, Rosie, Catherine and Jamie should start hiring themselves out as a professional division after spending the first half tearing through the opposition. The other division (Grambo, Sarah H, Rachel J and Dom) probably did well too? I wasn’t watching.
Will would also like to apologise for his wonderful show of arrogance, complaining at not getting a penalty, then saying “Fine, I’ll just get the free pass in then”, before doing so, and very nearly striking a pose “But hey, it should’ve been a penalty”

The team was spurred on by the immortal (1-2-3) 4-3-2-Ones! chant and the brilliant support of Rachael “Is the first half over yet?” Brown, whose tan lived up to her name coming straight back from St Lucia especially for the game.

An all change at half time saw Captain Kyle, Big John, Sham ‘the (wo)man’ Lewis and Sarah M heading on to finish the job. 10-4 to 17-6, job done.

Ed City 2s put up a bit more of a fight, with the score at 4-2 at halftime, but plenty of second half goals, including 2 for honorary first Sarah M, put them to rest at 10-4. A clinical second half.

And so, with a final sweaty huddle, and talks of team baths/LaserQuest sessions, the team piled out of Westwoods, the (un)lucky few getting a bus, and Catherine, Big John, Jamie and Rachael cramming (illegally) into the back of the Disney car, for more tuneful serenading from the driver.

Korfball Lion King? Watch this Space…