2nd Team Match Report – 29th September 2012, Ed Uni 1 and Mavs

EUKC I (10) – (4) EUKC II
Divisions: (Kris, Owen, Jen, Jill) (Brian, Paul, Ffion, Kirsty, Anna)
As luck would have it, our first match was against our friends/arch nemeses the EUKC 1sts. The currently-nameless Seconds took to the court a little nervously, but ready for what was sure to be an exciting first game back (and for a few of us, our first game ever!). The Firsts put up some solid defence but that didn’t stop the Seconds getting some successful attacks – Paul started off our score tally, followed by another 2 impressive long shots (with an invisible collect… apparently). Kris scored our 4th goal with a beautifully nonchalant longshot from near the halfway line. The team put up some strong rebound defence and gave the Firsts a run for their money, but by the end it wasn’t quite enough to stop the Firsts from pulling ahead and winning the match. All-in-all it was an exciting first match for the team, who ended the match feeling positive despite the loss.

Mavericks (9) – (1) EUKC II
Divisions: (Kris, Owen, Ffion, Jill, Jen) (Brian, Paul, Kirsty, Anna)
Next was our match against Edinburgh Mavericks. Our intense match against the Firsts had tired us out, but we still gave it all we had. The team had some decent attacks, and Brian secured us a goal with a nice drop-off shot. Despite our defence the Mavs secured a firm lead, ending the match on 9-1. The match was definitely a good experience for the team though, especially as we were playing against some of the best players in the league (and you can only learn from the best!) A big well done to the whole team for playing so well in two challenging matches back-to-back (and an extra-big well done to Owen, Brian and Anna for playing so well in their first ever korf matches!) All that’s left to do now is to think of a team name…..

Report by Jill Williamson.