20th Oct 2010: Beer + Skittles

So, time for another social match report – this time it was the much-anticipated Beer & Skittles social – a cult favourite!

The second team led the charge this time, heading straight to the Auld Hoose from training, after showers, of course, keen to get their mitts on some nachos. The nachos at the Auld Hoose are legendary, advertised as the largest portion of nachos in Edinburgh, they are a full meal for two very hungry people and as yet, they have proven impossible for one person to beat, although that’s not for lack of trying in some cases.

As more and more korfers arrived the orders eventually broke the kitchen and the final few had to resort to burgers as we had managed to eat them out of nachos. The record for nacho eating this year went to Rosemary Nolan, Poppy Simpson-Wells, Will Lawton and Will Ellis, who saw their bowl cleaned out at quite some pace.

Once hungers were sated taxis were summoned and we would our way around Arthur’s Seat to the Sheep’s Heid in Duddingston. After everyone had assembled and bought drinks the skittles began with two teams bowling off against each other (Trojans/France/Wales/Winners?), who won? Nobody knows, although there were many debates over the best way to bowl the ball down the alley, with the standard bowling motion, the little bullet, the slow and steady, the dive bomb, the backwards-through-the-legs ball and the gutter-ball all making many an appearance. One notable debutant was Dan Sunderland who scored a couple of strikes with the backwards-through-the-legs ball, impressive.

Once the warm-up was finished, the traditional obstacle course began, with pairs racing each other up the alley, spinning round a skittle (it should have been on the ground, y’all) and tearing back down towards the masses. Hilarity ensued. Various variations were introduced, including a social secretaries’ challenge, which was won by the best and most modest competitor, obviously.

As it came to closing time the staff at the pub practically had to force us out the door, with the majority winding their way home and only a hard core heading out, so extra lad points to them, if they did make it out!