1sts vs. Mavs 2 and Glasgow 1

On the 30th November, Edinburgh University 1st team had their last two matches before the Christmas break, and were hoping for a strong finish to the semester before the Christmas festivities began!


The first game of the day was against Edinburgh Mavericks 2nd team, and the second game against Glasgow 1st team. The game against Mavericks was a great display of korfball from both teams. The university team put on their best performance and kept a strong lead throughout the game, ending with a 6-4 win. The game against Glasgow was a little more feisty, and a lot of goals came from set plays. Edinburgh put up a good fight, with a particularly strong start that threw the Glasgow team off balance. We kept our cool, but a few defensive slips meant that the match finished 9-7 to Glasgow. Edinburgh showed good sportsmanship though, three cheers for the referee (woo!). Most memorable goals of the day were some faultless penalties from Owen, speedy shots from Frances and some spectacular long shots from Thijs and Jean. It was a great finish to the year for Edinburgh Uni 1st team, and we’re now looking forward to a korfball packed January, especially BUCS regionals in Manchester!