17th Oct 2010: 3rds Vs. 1sts Vs. Ed City 1

Edinburgh Uni 1s 9 – 3 Tigers
Tigers 1 – 14 Ed City 1s
The Squad
Nicola, Louise, Mary, Charis, Rebecca, Matt, The Man, Felliott, Dale, Ben, MIA

So after a busy Saturday of Korfball in which we were very successful at the Ed City fresher’s tournament it was time to get back to the business of the league! For the first time this season we not only had more boys than girls but we also had MIA (Jean, ps Happy Birthday) who found it easier to get the bus to the game then he did the train.

Dale and Ben were the first to join Captain Eager on the side-lines to watch the third most important game of the day hoping that the rest of the team would hurry up so we could get a warm up in before our first match. Of course being first we were able to take our favourite shirt numbers leaving MIA to wear number 6, which provided mild amusement in the changing rooms.

Competition for Louise’s Dick of the Day award started as early as the warm up with Ben nearly managing to destroy Ed City’s basketball hoop � let’s hope they didn’t hear that�!

Our third match of the season was about to start and although it was Ed Uni 1s we were full of confidence from Saturdays outstanding performance and relishing the chance to prove ourselves to avoid humiliating socials! We went down two goals early on but Felliott popped up with a nice mid-range effort to give him his first competitive goal and to give us some much needed cheering and a chance to pull ourselves back into the game.

Mary and Nicola were putting on stout defensive displays and Felliott was intercepting every ball that came his way. We slipped to 3-1 behind from a free pass before Felliott popped up for his second of the day and the season and again put us within touching distance.

Half-time 3-1 down and Coach Will had already had his first Korfgasm of the season from a brilliant, competitive display from the whole team. The focus was on doing the same again after the break and Ben, Charis and MIA came on to freshen up the team for the second half.

We let another early goal slip but the battle of the day between Graham and The Man continued over from yesterday’s semi-final and today The Man managed to slip past to get us back to 4-3 as we continued to stay toe to toe with our 1sts.

An outstanding display from Rebecca and a valuable contribution from Charis kept the pressure on the opposition girls in the second half as we continued to make it hard for them to create chances and score goals. Unfortunately we could manage any more scores and the game fell away from us in the second half as it ended 9-3. We can be very proud of another great performance against (one of) the best team(s) in the league!

The second game always looked harder on paper for us to come away from the game with anything after Ed City 1s had already beaten Ed Uni 1s in the first game of the day. We knew cake was waiting us at the end so we gave it our all.

Louise rallied the troops in her division (as usual!) and was in the face of her opposition girl as soon as the game started. We lost a couple of early goals to start with and were 4-0 down by the time Louise(un)fortunately trapped her leg around MIA (I knew we should’ve left him at the bus stop!) causing The Man to remember that fateful social.

Hope it is all better now Louise! 

Half time came and we hadn’t managed a goal against a very strong Ed City team that we were still giving problems and by no means embarrassing ourselves. It was a strong performance and after the break we continued to come close to scoring.

The Man and Felliott came off the bench at the start of the second and began to cause problems for the Ed City team. To be honest I have no idea what the score was when MIA scored his first ever competitive goal in typical fashion from long-range but it was something to proud of as we continued our record of scoring in every game so far this season! Go Tigers!

Nicola and Mary continued their solid defence against two very experienced Ed City girls and we really kept the intensity up to final whistle where the score finished 14-1. A brave performance and we are now safe in the knowledge that we have played the 3 hardest games of the season!

Louise’s D**k of the Day Award has been awarded to MIA for his contribution to Louise’s injury and his spectacular goal. Congratulations!

See you all at Nottingham on the 29th-31st?