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Unsure? Don’t worry – most of our club still have no idea what it is either…

Korfball is a fast-paced indoor team sport, with teams of 4 boys and 4 girls aiming to shoot the korfball into the Korf – essentially a smaller, taller, more yellow basketball hoop.

It’s become a great University sport for two major reasons: Firstly, everyone who joins the sport starts at the same level – complete ignorance.

Secondly, it’s a mixed sex sport. With mixed sex socials. With optional, but recommended drinking.

A few rules:

  1. You can’t move with the ball.
  2. Boys can only mark boys, girls can only mark girls.
  3. You can’t shoot if you’re being ‘DEFENDED’ by your opposite number, which means he or she is close enough to block the ball if you were to shoot.

And so the game is all about using your teammates to create enough space to get a shot away, through fast pacing, clever movement, or just running really, really fast.

Oh, and the posts are 3.5 metres high, so your first goal is usually accompanied by elaborate celebration and tequila!

Interested? Check out our events in Freshers Week or our Facebook Page or just come down to training and see for yourself!

Also check out EUKC on Sky Sports News for a “Get Involved” piece on korfball in October 2012, here.

Any questions, drop us an email: korfball@ed.ac.uk

Some EUKC Terminology

Korfball: See Figure 1.

Korf: A cough, if you live in Chancellor’s Court. Can also refer to the 3.5m high hoop through which a korfball is thrown.

Score: Most Korfers will score at some point in their EUKC career, usually on a night out.

Goal: To score on a night out.

Penalty: A shot, or two fingers, depending on the severity of the crime.

The Feed: Free food after training!

The Collect: Necessary when we’ve wasted all the club’s money on alcohol.

Tequila Time: Similar to half time, but much, much better.

Veering off Shots: After 5 tequilas, maybe it’s time for something else?

Travelling: Cardiff is bloody far away.

Four-Zero: Scoreline after 2 minutes against Ed City.